Welcome, welcome. I have a few friends and family in Hawaii, and it always amazes me when people claim that, to keep kosher, they must give up on the island dining experience! No! Never! True, you can’t have roast pig or spam, but there are PLENTY of dishes you can still eat!

First, I’m going to look at a popular Hawaiian lunch, Spam Musubi. Now, as we all know, you CAN’T have Spam! It’s not Kosher, after all. But, what if you used Jewish Spam…? Yes, folks, I’m talking about Gefilte Fish! Now, gefilte fish, like Spam, is a semi-firm mix of ALL the parts of the animal they can’t use. With Spam it’s the pig, and with gefilte fish, it’s obviously fish (Usually Whitefish of some variety). This in mind, let’s look at our first recipe:

(Jewish) Spam Musubi

4 Cups cooked Sushi Rice
1 Loaf gefilte fish (Do NOT use the jars as it won’t turn out right.)
1 package Nori (Sheets of seaweed)
1 Bottle of Teriyaki sauce (Kikkoman makes a kosher Teri sauce, so no worries!)

Slice the gefilte fish into 1″ thick blocks while heating up griddle.

Using your favorite oil to coat the pan (I prefer Macadamia Nut oil for this snack, but olive works just fine…), slowly grill the fish on each side until slightly browned.

Before removing from the skillet, pull out your teriyaki bottle and douse the fish to taste. This is why I suggest the bottle itself. Some will want a little sauce, and some will want a LOT of sauce!

Setting the fish aside as it soaks in all that Teriyaki sauce, shape the rice into blocks about 1″-2″ high, taking care that the size is the same shake as the gefilte fish blocks you chopped & fried.

Taking the sheets of Nori, Slice each sheet into four elongated strips.

Now we build! Set one slice fried fish atop a rice block, and then wrap the fish and rice with the Nori. Continue until all built.

Now, these make excellent lunches! All you have to do, to keep them safe, is wrap them up in cellophane individually, and then you can toss one or two in a lunch before the kids or yourself runs off to school. They also make a rather different treat during Purim, and a large batch could easily be made up for a class fundraiser of some sort. Now, shifting gears slightly, I’m going to share a delicious Hawaiian breakfast with you all that I love to cook. It’s simple, easy, and VERY filling! Folks, I give you….

Loco Moco

4 Veggie Burger Patties
4 Eggs
8 Cups Rice, Cooked
4 Cups Chicken Gravy

First, we want to crack and fry the eggs in an open skillet.

While they fry to sunny side up, warm up the veggie burgers until both are cooked.

Taking a bowl, scoop 2 cups of the cooked rice in the bowl. Next top the rice with the patty, then a fried egg. Cover the whole dish with gravy to personal taste.

Serves 4.

This dish can be customized to fit most tastes. If you have no qualms about mixing beef and fowl, switch the veggie patties for beef and use beef gravy. For more of an island taste, eliminate gravy all together and use Teriyaki sauce. Use Turkey burgers and Turgey gravy to get rid of excess gravy from Thanksgiving. The great thing about this dish is it can be changed around to fit your personal food restrictions, but will still turn out delicious no matter how you slice it!

Tune in tomorrow night when we’ll look into pizza, of all things, and how no meat and dairy can’t stop you from enjoying delicious food. Until then, Shalom and good cooking!

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  1. Marci replied:

    I am utterly horrified by your use of gefilta fish.
    And yet…
    Strangely attracted…
    Just out of curiousity, I assume you tried this. How did it taste?

  2. Renegade Kosher replied:

    Yes, I tried it. i try all my recipes. It turned out VERY good, IMO.

  3. hawaii lover replied:

    Personally, I have been going to hawaii every year since my family bought a time share on maui. I love it. i dont understand how people cant just go once. Io fell in love with it!

  4. Amanda replied:

    Best regards from NY!

  5. Naomi Weiss replied:

    My ex husband’s mom made me kosher hot-dog musubis… and everyone liked them better than the spam ones on our picnics! She halved the hot dogs length-wise and cooked them in sato-shoyu, then made the musubis with that! It was yummy! I am intrigued by your gefilte musubis and will have to try some time!!

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