I thought i posted this YESTERDAY, but I saved it as a draft. Doh! So, I’ll post it today with another article:

Yesterday we looked at BBQed ribs. Today we’ll look at baked ribs. While just as tasty in some respects, the flavor is VERY different! Now, the key to baked ribs, just like barbequed ribs, is patience. But, unlike the smoking process, oven cooking is a LOT quicker.

Starting with a short rack of beef ribs, it’s good to wash off the rib meat with warm water before patting mostly dry with paper towels or a good cheesecloth. Then, at this point, preheat the oven to 225°F. while getting your dry rub ready. Now, I promised my dry rub recipe, no? Well, here it is:

Dry Rub
1/4th cup whole black peppercorns
1/16th cup light brown sugar
1/4th cup salt
1/8th cup dried red pepper seeds
1/8th cup dry mustard
1/8th cup Garlic Powder
1 bay leaf

Combine ALL the ingredients in your food processor or blender.

Chop & mix until the bay leaf & peppercorns are pulverized, and the mixture is thoroughly blended.

Now, if you can’t tell, my dry rub has a -slight- kick. I use it more to bring out the flavor of the meat, myself, and brush it off after cooking. But you can change it up to whatever your family likes best! As for the ribs, coat them ALL over with the dry rub, tyaking care to not miss a spot. Then, inject a meat thermometer into the rib meat (Don’t hit the bones) and set inside a shallow baking pan. Finally, cover the ribs and pan with foil and pop in the oven.

Now, you can estimate they’ll be done in an hour or two, but I go by the internmal temperature, myself. When the internal temperature of the ribs hits 145°F., you know the ribs are done! Personally, I brushj off the peppercorns & peppers before slicing and eating, but some prefer them on. You know the ribs are finished when they’ve loosened from the bones and the meat is nice, juicy, & tender!

This dish I suggest serving with some nice baked potatos with dairy-free margarine and some steamed carrots topped in cinnamon. So, until next time, Shalom & Good Eating!

February 2, 2006. main courses, recipes.

One Comment

  1. Marci replied:

    My father’s favorite meal is BBQ beef and latkes.
    In fact, I was thinking I might do BBQ ribs and latkes for Valentines day for my husband, who, I’m convinced, married me for my matza balls and latkes (not together).
    BBQ sauce tastes incredible on latkes. That’s really all I had to say.–>

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