Onigiri vs. Rice Balls (Or how to make your anime-loving friends squeel in glee!)

Sorry for the late post, but this flu really put me under. First, I want to plug Chef Walt’s new cookbook store. I’ve done buisness with him in the past, and he’s an honest shop owner. (Note I get NOTHING for doing this. I just want to help out someone that does carry kosher cookbooks since they’re tough to find!)

Okay, enough plugging! As some readers know, I have a fondness for asian and island food. I know, some may claim that ‘anything bought from a chinese resturant is kosher’, but it’s simply not true! But, you can MAKE kosher asian foods easily from the comfort of your own home. This brings to ming today’s find, Onigiri or rice balls.

The Japanese are the masters of simplicity meeds edibility. The first thing I suggest is to get an Onigiri mold. These can be bought at most Asian grocery stores for as little as $2, depending on the size of the Asian population in your area. True, you COULD shape it by hand, but that takes a LOT of practice and time. It’s better to just use the molds, at first, so as to keep prep time down. Sadly, since they ARE made of rice, they can’t be used during Passover, but the rest of the year makes these a FINE healthy lunch for school or work!


Short-grain Rice (I suggest Calrose, myself)
Nori (Sheets of seaweed), cut into strips
Filling (Optional)

Start by cooking up 2 cups of rice (Do not forget to wash the rice first!).

Once the rice is finished cooking, scoop into the mold and form it fully.

Finally, wrap the rice ball in the strip of Nori, wrap in celephane, and save for when you eat!

This is the basic concept, really. Of course, from here, there’s SEVERAL additions to be made. First, a popular topping for Onigiri is toasted sesame seeds, which should be in ANY kosher grocery store. Just sprinkle some atop the rice ball when wrapping in Nori and there you go! Also, you can also FILL your rice ball! Here’s how it works:

Using the mold, fill it halfway with rice.

Now, here the sky is the limit! You can use any hundreds of thousands of fillings. But, for ease of time to get your motor running, here’s some simple suggestions:

BBQ Chicken
refried beans
peanut butter and/or jelly
Gefilte Fish (Yes, I’ve tried this, and it works surprisingly well!)

Then, once you ‘secret filling’ is in place in the center. fill the rest of the mold with rice, close ‘n mold, and then proceed as you normally would. thrue, if you do a more dessert Onigiri (Like using chocolate pudding or the like), it’d be wise to leave off the nori and the sesame seeds. But, half the idea of Onigiri is that they are a healthy and fully personalizable lunch or snack on the go! Anyhow, I hope you come to love Onigiri as much as I do! Until next time, Shalom and good cooking!

February 21, 2006. recipes, snacks.


  1. Jermaine replied:

    I don't watch ANIME.
    I want to know why people like it.. or what's cool with it.
    I might want to try watching it someday,
    what can you recommend?

    • Patricia replied:

      Anime is like TV shows, there’s one for everyone. One of my favorite animes is Death Note, but I also enjoy romance/comedies like Ouran Host Club or My Little Monster. One that I just finished is called Deadman Wonderland, it’s a bit gory and crude but if you like action I highly recommend it 🙂

  2. Stacey replied:

    When choosing an anime to watch, I would have to reccomend Naruto. I myself have watched many anime and have found that one the most enjoyable to watch.
    have fun!

  3. The Strange replied:

    Rourini Kenshin, Naruto is a horrible show!

  4. Know any good Japanese cookbooks or receipes want to cook 4 family!! ;) - JapanForum.com replied:

    […] 12:27 AM Onigiri. Requires a mould though, but it’s worth it. Despite it being such a simple idea, it needs more […]

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