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I’ve been under WAY too much stress as of late getting ready to move… I ended up missing Purim. *cries* Ah, well… There’s always next year. I’m looking into trying to go back to temple regurally again, after the move. Where I live now, there’s no buses, so I’m effectively trapped in the middle of no where. No recipes today, just a sad lament, and a hope that G-d understands I ment no disrespect in not hearing the story of Ester in a temple. I’ve been looking into the Chabad of Downtown S. Diego as of late. I’ve always preferred more orthodox services, I’m not sure why. Yes, my -cooking- may be renegade by most standards, but I like my service traditional. Some things just shouldn’t be messed with, after all.

You know, the more I write this, the more I want to include some sort of recipe. Some tidbit on food or whatnot for my loyal readers. I did hear that PETA is claiming that the world’s largest glatt slaughterhouse is guilty of animal cruelty. They’re just pissed that the Jewish people slammed down hard on them after they tried to compare eating meat to being in the Holocaust, in my humble opinion. If these charges are true, I truely hope they’re fixed quick. If they are not, then PETA officially gets my one-finger salute before being told to sit and spin!

Also, McDonald’s in Isreal is going kosher. The kosher branches will be blue and white instead of the gaudy yellow and red they have now. This makes me ponder, as here in the USA, the only Kosher things at McDonald’s used to be their pickles and their Coke products. Mabye they might come to some Jewish neighborhoods in the USA and do the same? Anyhow, enough food talk for the night. Until next time, Shalom and Good Cooking!


March 14, 2006. News.

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  1. Chesch replied:

    sorry that you are under to much stress to continue to update. Good luck on getting your life in order. Please keep the recipies coming

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