Is it wrong to be happy Pesach is over? I’d like to think not, myself. It’s a joyous yet difficult holiday for those involved. And, for those who are vegan Jews, I do hope you happily enjoy all your nummy soy products once again. Also, I’m hoping to take part in Blogathon 2006 following the alternate shabbat schedule, of course… Anyhow, I need to find a charity to raise money for, preferably one that has a web-based donation way. Basically how it works is ever 30 minutes for 24 hours I’ll be posting kosher recipies to raise money for the selected charity. What I want is suggestions for GOOD groups to donate to. Something food-oriented and/or relating to the Jewish people. Any suggestion works, and I’ll have my descion in a few weeks.

Now then, lots of foods have been running thru my head this past week. I almost strangled a gentile friend who thought it’d be ‘cute’ to eat a double bacon western cheeseburger in front of me, but I restrained myself. Anger is not wise to ever use, of course. But, there’s not much food in my house, so I can’t really cook that much until I go to the store. *cries* Surely there’s something I can cook! So as I wait to cook, I am going to share a simple snack I ate all the time growing up. Since Chametz is now ALLOWED again, I felt like reliving my youth:

First take two slices of plain white bread and butter it lightly. Dairy-free margarine can also be used, if you’re vegitarian/vegan.

The next step can be one of two ways: You can either gently shake sugar onto the buttered bread, or use a cinnamon/sugar mix. For things like this and topping sugar cookies, I like to keep either sugar or a sugar/cinnamon 50/50 mix in salt shakers marked CLEARLY as such on my spice rack.

Finally, dust off the excess sugar by gently tapping the back of the bread & eat. The good thing about this snack is it’s very light yet filling, it’s surprisingly healthy, cheap to make & eat, & kids can even make it & feel like they’re getting a special treat.

I promise, AFTER shopping I’ll do more recipies… But, with Passover just ending… I need sleep… Zzzzzzzzzzz… OH! I forgot! Shalom and Good Cooking! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…

April 21, 2006. recipes, snacks.

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