Mother’s Day is Coming…

Okay, I hate to admit it, but THIS CUTE ANIMATION has possessed my mind. it has food, anime, a catchy tune… For those curious, the song’s actually Leva’s Polka by Loituma and can be downladed here. But enough polka! It’s time to throw on some techno and tear open the kitchen. Why? Because soon it’s MOTHER’S DAY! yes, that day of the year you’re supposed to be NICE for your mother, though as we ALL know every day should be Mother’s Day. But none of MY readers surely forget to call their Mother, right?

Well, you have gotten her a gift for this weekend, right?
My word! Well, today’s article is for YOU! First off, I’m going to suggest a nice dinner that’s simple, easy, and ANYONE can make! Husbands, this is good for you if you haven’t planned something for your wives yet. GET BACK HERE! Yopu’re not going to get out of it this year, if I have to tie you down and force you to cook myself! Now then, ladies, you run off and relax while I get the guys cooking a meal that won’t leave you with a sinkfull of pats & dishes. First off, let’s look at a simple main dish using our favorite fish: Salmon!

Filled Salmon Steaks

1 cup wild rice
2 1 pd. salmon fillets, de-skinned & de-boned (I prefer Wild Sockeye or Wild Pacific, myself.)
1/4 cup diced mushrooms
The juice of one Lemon
About 2 ft. of butcher’s twine

Start by taking the bucher’s twine and soak it in some water. TRUST ME ON THIS!

Prepare the wild rice as you normally would. I use my rice cooker, myself, which is 1 cup of water & 3/4th a cup of rice in the cooker until it’s finished, usally. BUT, i suggest using the package’s suggestion.

When it’s finished cooking, transfer to a large bowl and add diced mushrooms.

Wash dishes that have piled up so far.

Taking the fillets, lay them out flat and fill about half of the fillets wit the rice & mushroom mixture and fold over.

Take the butcher’s twine out of the water and keep it in hand. Now, you COULD do a full net around the salmon to keep it sinched, but I suggest just two-three loops around the salmon’s open sides before tying each loop shut & cutting off the excess string. Whjen finished, it shound be held snug, but not painfully squeezed.

Set the salmon in a glass cooking pan. Now, BEFORE COOKING, remember my trick about cooking salmon from my Pesach article? Take the juice of the lemon, and then just baste the fillets with it. This will help bring out the full flavor as it cooks, and will also keep it moist!

Opening your over that’s been preheated to 350 degrees Farenheight, set the salmon on the center of the middle rack and bake for 20-30 minutes, or until the pink starts to turn whitish pink.

As the fish cooks, do the dishes.

Taking each fillet out of the pan, set them on a plate before snipping away the strings. Serve with an additional lemon wedge, if desired.

Enjoy a nice meal, and afterwards clear the table and do the dishes.

This nice light main dish goes well with a light salad, some challah, and spending the meal listening to what the mother you’re honoring has to say. Yes, I know it’s not that fancy a meal, but trust me, she’ll enjoy it! If you prefer, and you have a plank for your BBQ or gas grill, you can cook the salmon outside. Just give it about 7-8 minutes on each side, and it should turn out perfect. Now, keep an eye on it, if you use this method, as some grills cook faster and slower than others. So, if it looks ready to flip it, FLIP IT! You know your grill best of all. Anyhow, I hope this article helps you get ready for Mother’s Day. If you can’t cook, you can always call up or something to send flowers. But, from what I’ve seen, good food is always appreciated as a gift. Shalom and Good Cooking, and Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers in the world.


May 9, 2006. advice, main courses, recipes.

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