At this rate, I should rename to ‘Asian Kosher Cooking’…

As some may have noticed, I now have a paypal donation button. Feel free to toss some cash to a student chef, if you like what you read here. ^^ On the theme of students and cheap food, I’m brought back to my love of Asian cooking for today’s article: rice bowls! These simple yet cheap meals are quite filling, and you can make them with ingredients found around the house! Let’s start with my favorite, beef bowls or ‘Gyu-don’.


1 lb. Lean beef roast, thinly sliced into sips
1 small onion, diced
5 Tablespoons Kosher Soy Sauce
1 Tablespoon sugar
1 Tablespoon sake
3/4 cup water
4 cups cooked rice

Taking your wok or a heated cast-iron skillet, coat the inside lightly with vegetable oil.

Once the oil is warmed up, add in the beef and onions. Stir-fry the beef mixture with cooking chopsticks or a spatula to make sure to cook it evenly.

When beef & onions are half done, mix together the sake, sugar, soy sauce, and water, then pour into the pan/wok before finishing cooking.

When the meat and onions are finished cooking and the liquid’s all but cooked away, take off the heat.

Taking four bowl, put 1 cup of rice into each bowl and top with the cooked beef & onion mixture.

This dish serves four easily, and can make a great lunch, or a nice light main dish for dinner. If you like, you can get some pickled ginger, Daikon radish sprouts, some more soy sauce, and even sesame seeds to garnish it with. Likewise, you can also use the very same Morning Star Steak Strips I mentioned in me Philly Cheesesteak article to make these very same beef bowls, thus making a vegan meal fit for a king! Ah, but we don’t need to stop there! Oh, there’s many more rice bowls we can make! The next bowl is a variation of the first, vegetable bowls.

Vegetable bowls

4 cups of steamed mixed vegetables
4 cups of cooked rice

Taking the mixed veggies, steam them in a bamboo steamer, if you have one. If not, many frozen veggie mixes come in packages that can be microwaved to steam them.

Put one cup of the vegetables over 1 cup of rice and enjoy!

While this rice bowl is more of a side dish, it can be modified up. You can cut the amount of vegetables in half and cover half the rice with veggies and the other half with the beef bowl mix. Or, you can also cook up some strips of chicken breasts in the same method as the beef & onions, and put THEM on half the bowl with the veggies on the other side. Or, for a final touch, you could get ahold of some fried tofu and stir-fry it with the vegetables, then serve THAT atop the rice! No matter how you do it, rice bowls make an excellent meal!

Now, before I go, let’s address Kosher sake. Now, for a while, the only Kosher certified Sake (rice wine) you could enjoy with sushi or rice bowls was Hatsukuru sake. But, Go-Shu sake from Australia is now also rated Kosher! It’s a good, full-bodied sake that has both hot & cold versions. As for Kosher soy sauce, you can’t beat Kikkoman’s. It’s almost always got the OU symbol on it, and is an asset to any kitchen. I hope this has helped out some of you out there in your culinary pursuits, and I will be back again to write up another article on Kosher cooking soon! Shalom and Good Cooking!

June 5, 2006. main courses, recipes.

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