Summer-Summer-Summertime! Time to sit back and unwind…

To begin with, I want to congratulate a friend OL for the birth of his son Wyatt Andrew yesterday . May he live a long, healthy life and be a great blessing to your household. Children are the future of our world, and the joyous news of the birth of one in the Jewish community fills my heart with such happiness! Mozel Tov unto him! Now then, it’s summertime! Time for travel to friends, family, conventions (If you’re a proud geek like me) and the like. It’s time to pack up the kids in the station wagon and explore the countryside! Yes, today’s article is on kosher meals you can cook on the go, be it for a picnic, travel, or the like. So get your hotplate ready, because it’s summertime!

First off, I want to take a look at La Briute Meals. These interesting dinners are like MREs in design, but taste quite good (Unlike MREs, which taste like someone took a brick to your stomach! Add water, and they make your own sauce!) Yes, these nifty dinners are a MUST for any long travels. You never know when you’ll need a kosher meal, and all the restaurants will be closed. After all, we don’t all live in New York where there’s 24 hour delis, now do we? Of the meals I’ve tried, my favorite so far is the Stuffed Cabbage, to be honest! Overall, these dinners make a fine addition to any traveler’s diet!

I also want to look at gefilte fish. While I prefer loaf form, myself, in a pinch jarred gefilte fish (Or as I affectionately refer to it, ‘Jewish Spam’.) can make a quick meal in the hotel room. What I do is lay the gefilte fish on a plate either alone or atop a lettuce leaf, then open a small can of tomato sauce and pour it atop before microwaving for about 2 minutes. If you don’t have tomato sauce, you can use ketchup packets (Make sure the have Kosher marks!) mixed with salt & pepper in a pinch. Not like mom used to make, but it DOES work!

But let’s say you don’t want to survive on JUST pre-packaged dinners! I can hear you now screaming at me, “Steven, I am like you! I want to cook! To create! To have good kosher meals on the road!” Well, I’m here to help with one of the most overlooked ingredients: Ramen noodles. Now, before you complain, I KNOW kosher ramen flavor packets taste horrible. I know the thought of those flavor packets make most Jewish students cringe in preparedness for the coming suffering. What people don’t realize is they INTENTIONALLY taste this bad! See, that way OTHER students don’t steal your kosher ramen. Or if they do, they NEVER do again! And besides, for THIS salad, we won’t need the flavor packet. Yes, I said salad. Come, I’ll show you what I mean!

Ramen Salad

1 package kosher ramen noodles
1/2 cup bean sprouts
1 t sesame oil
1 t hot pepper oil
1 t ginger powder
1 t garlic powder
1 T Vinegar
1 green onion, diced
1/4 cup pre cooked chicken, turkey, or tofu, either cubed or cut into strips
1 T crumbled peanuts

I’m assuming you’re making this in a hotel room, so we’ll go from there. Taking your ramen noodles, crumble them into a microwavable cup and JUST cover the noodles with water. Microwave for 3-5 minutes, stirring after 3 minutes to make sure the noodles are cooking and don’t boil over.

When the noodles are done, use the cup’s lid to drain the water completely before tossing the noodles into the mini-fridge. If you have no mini-fridge, just set it in the ice bucket and surround it with ice to let them chill while you finish unpacking and get cleaned up from the trip.

When ready to eat dinner, microwave the bean sprouts in a cup of water for about 30 seconds to blanche them, then drain & rinse the bean sprouts in COLD water before tossing them atop the chilled noodles.

Next, mix together all the powders and liquids together to make a sauce and toss together with the noodles and bean sprouts.

Finally top the salad with the green onion, your protein of choice, and the peanuts before enjoying.

The hot sauce can be omitted, using teriyaki or soy sauce, if you prefer the salad to not be as spicy. I like to make this up at conventions for myself and friends to eat while enjoying some beers and watching anime or sci-fi movies at room parties, myself. It’s a unique and filling treat, and all the ingredients can be bought at most grocery stores nearby the hotel you’re staying in (Other than the kosher ramen, you may need to bring that.).

Finally, because I can’t seem to do too many RK articles without mentioning Matisyahu… September 12th Viejas Concerts at Bayside presents Matisyahu IN CONCERT in S. Diego!!! Pre-sale begins this Wednesday, June 21, at 1PM my time, while public on-sale begins Friday, June 23! Woo! You know your favorite Kosher Chef-in-training will be there with bells on! ^^ He also has a new cover of the Police’s ‘Message in a Bottle’ out on Yahoo! Music if you want to see it! ^^ Anyhow, my Matisyahu fanboy-ing over with, Shalom and Good Cooking on all your summer trips this year!


June 20, 2006. advice, recipes, salad.


  1. mishtaneh replied:

    Well, most of the La Briute meals are decent, if not haute cuisine. The turkey and potatoes one seems to be trying to prove that it’s possible to have kosher mystery meat, though….

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    […] All in all, it is a wonderful dish I really want to share with you all. Now, unlike my LASY ramen article, this one is a little more […]

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