Come on, stay with it!

I’ve been misunderstood for all of my life
But what they’re sayin’, girl, just cuts like a knife
“The boy’s no good”
Well, I finally found what I’ve been looking for
But if they get the chance, they’ll end it for sure
Sure they would
Baby, I’ve done all I could
Now it’s up to you

Girl, You’ll Be a Woman Soon – Urge Overkill

So…….. Yeah. This song reminds me of my wife & I… I just think… I just worry I’ll never be good enough for them. I try and I try, and I just… Will I ever be good enough? I am trying to become a chef, but… *sighs* I keep thinking they won’t be happy unless I’m a millionare. Also, the wife and I really wish we could afford to live in SoCal WITHOUT roomies… That’s why I’m looking to transfer a school with both a culinary degree AND Married Student housing… *sighs*

Okay, enough being emo! Now earlier we learned about Haggis and Kishka! But, the PERFECT side for either of these it the delicious side Clapshot. So, once again I look to The Capitol Scot, and we find out how to make this easy side to two delicious, if under-rated, dishes!

Kosher Clapshot

Clapshot is delicious with Haggis. A traditional Orkney dish, it is widely eaten in the North of Scotland.

1 lb. potatoes
1 lb. white or yellow turnips (or swedes)
4 chopped shallots, or 1 tbs. chopped chives
1 T lamb drippings, heaped
salt and pepper to taste
sprinkle of mace or nutmeg if desired

Boil potatoes and turnips separately, drain.

Mash very well, adding all other ingredients.

If desired, add sprinkle of mace or nutmeg.

Season to taste, serve hot.

So…….. The usual ending. Sponsor Me! See you in 30! Shalom & Good Cooking!

July 30, 2006. Blogathon 2006, main courses, Personal, recipes.

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