Farewell to a valued team member…

3 & 1/2 hours… I want to take a break for food to for a very important message. I would like to say a final farewell to Trisha of Baby Got Blog. Her blogging partner is taking over for the end. Trisha, it was an honor to blog these hours with you. I know you wanted to quit, but I’m glad you didn’t. I’m proud of the time I spent with you raising money for our charities, and I plan to read you all year until next year’s Blogathon. And I’m thankful for the strength you gave me to sour on to the end. It’s with your help that ‘Team Shabbat’ formed and became the strong force of friends it is now, I’d like to think. We all became a team, and we held each other thru this tough event. I’m proud to call you friend, Trisha. Toda raba, and shalom… Next year in Blogathon’s Team Shabbat!

Remember the stream’s on http://goldenlash.dyndns.org:8000/ices and requests or wants to join the Shabbat Blo can be AIMed to ‘RenegadeKosher’! Don’t forget to sponsor me! See you in 30! Shalom and Good Cooking!

July 30, 2006. Blogathon 2006, Personal.


  1. Trisha replied:

    I love you guys too! I will post often from now on and will be a constant face on the blogs that I have found…team shabbat rules and always will! I’ll remember today with every visit to sbux ever

  2. crazyredheadedchick replied:

    BRAVO! I agree!

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