Have I mentioned Team Shabbat Rocks?

4 hours to go! We Shabbat Bloggers have mostly decided we’ll be back next year, and we’ll bring MORE Shabbat bloggers! And have MORE support! And an official Shabbat Monitor! ^^ Now then, I recieved the following challenge: Make a kosher dish so that when a gentile tastes it, they’ll never guess it’s kosher. Now, if a kosher dish is cooked properly, you don’t ever know it’s kosher. In fact, many gentiles eat kosher every day without realizing it! Every time you eat an oreo, or drink a Coke, or eat most pickes, or have Entenmann’s baked goods, or have Cheerios with Silk, or a Krispy Kreme donut from a KK store, or eat a Skippy and Smuckers PB&J… There are SO many kosher products out there! So, you see, the challenge isn’t one because Jew and Gentile alike already eat many, many kosher products thru the day! But I do thank you for the challenge, none the less!

Remember the stream’s on http://goldenlash.dyndns.org:8000/ices and requests or wants to join the Shabbat Blo can be AIMed to ‘RenegadeKosher’! Don’t forget to sponsor me! See you in 30! Shalom and Good Cooking!


July 30, 2006. Blogathon 2006, Trayfe-to-Kosher Challenge.

One Comment

  1. Bug replied:

    Y’all are doing great! I’m so excited for you guys to be toughin’ it out today ๐Ÿ™‚

    Regarding the Kosher cooking, my boyfriend is Jewish and he asked me to submit the following dish to see if there’s a way it can be done (if so then HUGE kudos to ya):

    Grilled Ham and Cheese Sandwich

    -Slice of Ham
    -Slice of American Cheese
    -2 slices of Wheat Bread

    Make the sandwich and then flip that puppy in the skillet til the cheese is melted.
    Keep on bloggin hun, yer doin’ great! :o)

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