Holly’s right, it is like leaving camp…

An hour and 1/2 left… This thank you goes to Dreama of Random Again. She helped get us started on AIM, and dispite early computer problems making connection difficult, she eventually got over the problems and became an active member of Team Shabbat! She ended up getting rights to post events to the blogathon home page with me, and together we kept encuraging people with posts and writing. She did an AWESOME contest during blogathon! Most the answers I didn’t know, but I guessed a few I believe are right… Dreama, toda roba and shalom… Next year in Team Shabbat!

Remember the stream’s on http://goldenlash.dyndns.org:8000/ices and requests or wants to join the Shabbat Blo can be AIMed to ‘RenegadeKosher’! Don’t forget to sponsor me! See you in 30! Shalom and Good Cooking!


July 30, 2006. Blogathon 2006, Personal.


  1. crazyredheadedchick replied:

    Absolutely! Thank you Dreama!

  2. frykitty replied:

    Woohoo! We’re actually at my husband’s lab, but I hope to get home in time to be in chat for the final moments.

  3. Trisha replied:

    pssst…over here I came back for just a few minutes…if I am lucky I might can be here for the final hour.
    You all are in my blog reads list and you’ll get to see my blog in the normal glow-ry state later. I will work tomtorrow on something for all of us…and there are surprises yet to come. Trisha

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