Let’s go to the fair!

Okay, I suck… I was reading the blogger list, and some people have raised over $2K for their charities! Holy… *swallows* And I was happy to be up to $145! Holy Moley! I suck… *cries* Noooooooo! It’s not fair… But then I am kinda… Yeah. Not many read me, and those that do are as poor as me… But enough emo-ing! It made me cry that in my beloved Seattle, there was a shooting at the Jewish Community Center that left one dead… This is sad news, and I’ll remeber the families of all involved in my prayers…

Now to cheer up from that, I like fun food. I like food that makes you jump and bounce for joy! I like exciting party foods, so… Let’s make some popcorn! But not just any popcorn, oh no! No, for this we’re going to make that carnival favorite: Kettle Corn!

Kettle Corn

3 T Corn Oil
1/2 cup Stove-Top Popcorn
1/8 cup Sugar Water
1/16 cup Salt
1/2 cup Water


Use a large Wok with a lid and heat the oil.

Dump in the popcorn kernals to make a single layer in the bottom.

Put the pot on medium high heat and leave the lid cracked slightly.

As the popcorn heats, qickly stir the sat & sugar into the water until it dissolves.

When you hear the corn start to get excited but before it starts to pop, quickly pour in the sugar as evenly as you can across the top.

Cover completly and shake back and forth as it starts to pop, stirring up the kernels to pop as many as you can while also coating them all with the salty & sugary water.

When the popping slows to one every 3-4 seconds, turn off the heat and transfer to a large bowl for nummy kettle corn goodness! It’s a very tasty dish! So I’m listening to hip-hop as I finish off article #8! If you want to, you can still Sponsor Me! So do it! Even $5 helps! Anyhow, Shalom & Good Cooking!

July 30, 2006. Blogathon 2006, recipes, snacks.


  1. cultivate peace replied:

    “Kettle Corn”

    Yes, I like it, but it’s not quite a meal now is it?
    Or even part there of.

  2. Utopia replied:

    Kosher Cuban food. I’m a cuban jew. I love my cuban food. Love it. I, however, am not good at being kosher.

  3. Why Bother replied:

    hi there! good luck with the blogathon. how many hours do you still have left?

  4. The Reluctant Vegan replied:

    My kettle corn is a little easier. When the first kernel pops, I toss in a couple tablespoons of sugar. Comes out really well. Blog on!

  5. Renegade Kosher replied:

    I’ve tried that, Reluctant Vegan, but I kept getting corn popping. This way works better for me, and it less worry. Oh, and Why Bother, I have… 20 hours left.

  6. LaDonna replied:

    $145 is great! It’s not the amount raised, it’s that you’re doing something. Keep it up!

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