Shopping 101

Okay, so let’s return to my roots. I’m a country boy at heart, to be honest. Born & raised in Kansas, and fed on the salt of the earth quite literaly. I think I am drawn to food because it’s honest work. I may never be a millionare, but I will be able to sustain a family as a chef. In the midwest, we eat cheaply and simply, yet still filling. Out here in California, I have been shocked at how few people know HOW to do this! So okay! I’m going to TEACH you this article to live up to the stereotype of being a penny pincher, yet still have good food!

First tip is on produce. If you have a farmer’s market of some sort, ALWAYS buy it there. It’s usually fresher, lasts longer, and CHEAPER than regular grocery stores. Sure, the stores may give you a bargain, but you have to ask WHY those avocados or tomatos are so cheap! A day or so at home will answer THAT question! ^^

Next up is meat. Sadly, here we have to go to a kosher bucher. We have NO choice in the matter. But, since meat is VERY expensive, might I suggest protien substitutes. Meat is expensive, but tofu is cheap. a few nights a week having stir fry or wontons instead of steaks or roast will save you LOTS of money. Also, using ground poultry over ground lamb or beef works great, and is cheaper by far than ground red meats!

Next look in your grocery store for kosher products. MANY products are now kosher, and it’s cheaper than buying the same products that are sometimes inferior quality due to travel at times from Israel. Yes, i said it. Not ALL food from Israel is the end all to kosher food. Accept it and move on. Personally I like spending anywhere from $1-5 LESS on kosher products at a regular grocery store than at a regular kosher grocery. True, we need to support our own, but if you’re poor…

This brings me to my next point: Jewish Food Banks. If you’re in need, you can register in most big cities to supplement your budget for the food bank for kosher food, plus use food stamps for the rest. Don’t feel ashamed. If you need it, you NEED it! It’s there for a reason! Anyhow, I hope these tips help! Remember the stream’s on and requests can be AIMed to ‘RenegadeKosher’! Don’t forget to sponsor me! See you in 30! Shalom and Good Cooking!

July 30, 2006. advice, Blogathon 2006.

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  1. cultivate peace replied:

    My late husband used to cut his ground beef with ground turkey to reduce the fat and the bills.

    Somehow I cant get your feed.

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