Spirits in the Night!

Here I am with 8 hours to go! 8 more hours and sleep can be MINE! Sleep! Sleep! Oh, I miss sleep! ^^ Gimmie sleep! Readers, tell me what sleep is like? I can’t remeber! Anyhow, I got people wanting more alcohol recipes, so here we go!


1 oz. 7Up Lemon Lime Soda
1 oz. Apple Puckers Apple Schnapps
1 oz. Lemonade

Mix all in a small glass, on the rocks. Enjoy!

Sex with a Rat

1 oz. Coffee Liqueur
2 oz. Orange juice
1 oz. Peach Schnapps
1 oz. Vodka

Stir and serve in a highball glass.

Sex in a Bubblegum Factory

1 shot Lemon Lime Soda
1 shot Apricot Brandy
1 shot Banana Liqueur
1 shot Blue Curacao
1 shot Rum

Pour into a tall glass in this order EXACTALLY, or it won’t mix right…

I hope these drinks have helped you out! Drink responsibly! Remember the stream’s on http://goldenlash.dyndns.org:8000/ices and requests can be AIMed to ‘RenegadeKosher’! Don’t forget to sponsor me! See you in 30! Shalom and Good Cooking!


July 30, 2006. Blogathon 2006, drinks, recipes.

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