Trick-or-No, None for you!

According to the OU, Walden Farms Blue Cheese Dressing, Blue Cheese Dip, and Ranch Dressing have been reformulated. Thus, they will now bear an OU pareve symbol. Also, Giant Vegetarian Vegetable Soup, due to changes in manufacturing, is no longer certified kosher by the Orthodox Union. Older products bearing the OU symbol is still certified as kosher.

Also, with Tomorrow being the Day of the Dead, I thought it would be nice to share how to make sugar skulls. I just shut down the lights for tonight for trick-or-treaters. My rule is when teens start running about begging for candy, its time to close up shop. And the pair that came by MY door took the cake. They wheeled up on bikes with no costumes, no bags, and sneered thru the screen door, “Got any candy, punk!?” Uh… Not for spoilt brats like you, no.

I was tickled ink when a neighbor’s kid in a Superman costume pointed at my black cat Kitty watching him thru the screen door. “¡Mire a mama! ¡Un gato negro! ¡Un gato negro!” That made me smile so much. Don’t worry, Kitty is NOT getting outside tonight! I like my pet un-mutilated, thank you… Anyhow, Happy ‘whatever holiday you celebrate today’, all! Shalom and Good Cooking!

October 31, 2006. Kashrut Alerts, News, Personal.


  1. Chesch replied:

    You are lucky. I haven’t had a trick-or-treater in years. I have even stopped purchasing candy for them since I never get any around.

  2. the chocolate lady (eve) replied:

    Pareve blue cheese dressing? got zol ophitn!

  3. Steven replied:

    Hey, don’t be flinging yiddish curses at me! Blame the OU! They dropped the kashrut alert into my inbox, and I passed it along to you, my readers! Of course, this is no different that Duncan Hines returning to a pareve mix for their chocolate brownies. But, seriously, don’t take my word for it! Chbeck out the OU site for yourself to see I’m not fooling. I know the pareve certification is just so fast food places & resturants can havew blue cheese & chicken wings, and jews can happily eat them up with a little less guilt. *sighs* Ah, well. If the OU says so, who are we to judge?

  4. Karen replied:

    Oy. Kids. Just hoping for more compassion in this world for the animals. Some day… and before Moshiach arrives would be nice!

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