My 1st Cook Book!!!

So, good news! I found a publisher for my first cook book! While not Kosher, many of my readers, I think, will still want it. It’s a project I was working off & on finishing for about a year, but the past two weeks I’ve been working to finish it. I sent the concept & some recipes to some publishers, and one wants to print it, sell it, & give me royalties for it! Nee! I’m going to be a published author! My first published cook book!

The book will be called ‘Con Cooking’, and is a cook book designed with geeks in mind. It’s filled with easy recipes that can be made in dorm rooms, small apartments, and at conventions with ease of cooking & lack of worry for messing it up in mind. It usues some unconventional ingredients and cooking tools, but the basic concept is easy, filling food that any geek can use to fill themselves cheaply & easily.

I need to add more recipes, get the forward, & arrainge it better into chapters. Then I’ll tell you all where YOU can buy it, & in turn be giving me Money! I’m also working on another cook book, ‘Keeping Kosher on a Budget’. This cook book is pretty self-explanitory! Keeping Kosher without dropping $200+ a shopping trip! Who knew it was possible!? Anyhoo, Shalom and Good Cooking!

November 6, 2006. News, Personal.


  1. Chesch replied:

    are you going to be offering any signed copies or complimentary meals with purchase?

  2. Bagelblogger replied:

    ‘Keeping Kosher on a Budget’ book sounds like a winner!

    Good luck on your project.

    PS using that cartoon for KCC will be fine.
    regards Aaron

  3. Domestic Geek replied:

    Congratulations! That is so cool. I’ll definitely support you by buying a copy when it’s available. BTW, love you new digs here. Much easier to comment now!

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