GF For the Holidays!

So, it’s almost time for the festival of lights… But first, let’s look over the now Kashrut Alerts from the OU. First off, Quaker Crunchy Corn Bran is now listed as Kosher Dairy, contrary to the Kosher Pareve that it has been for years. Also Roberta’s American Gourmet Stealth Chips is Dairy, but was accidentally listed as Kosher Pareve. Also, I won a $150 roasting set from Chef Club.Net! See, you all need to get onto that BBS so you can win nifty prizes in their monthly contest, too!

So, rather than do the usual latkes, I feel the need to go a different route for this article. Partially because I’m busy as heck getting ready for Hanukkah, but also because I feel lazy right now over-worked. With that in mind, let’s do something few other Kosher blogs will touch with a 10 foot pole & make some Gluten-Free Latkes. This recipe was originally posted to the Celiac/Coeliac Wheat/Gluten-Free List, and all credit goes to the original creator. For those who are interested, the original post can be found here. I’m just sharing it at RKC because… Well… I seem to have a Gluten-Free following these days, and I want them to celebrate the holiday, as well!

Gluten-Free Potato Latkes

2 c. raw grated potatoes
2 eggs (large) — beaten
1 pinch (aprox. 1/4 tsp.) baking powder (I use Calumet)
1 1/2 tsp. salt
2 or 3 T. rice flour
1 small onion — grated (optional)
Pepper to taste (optional)

Grate, rinse & drain potatoes (add onion) — squeeze taters pretty dry!!! (NOTE: rinsing the starch off of the potatoes is important if you don’t want gummy latkes)

Add eggs, mix

Add baking powder, salt, and flour (NOTE: Add rice flour 1 T. at a time. The mixture should be somewhat watery. You may not need all of the flour depending on the stuff that makes cooking an art and not a science!)

Heat about 1/4″ (or a little more) in a frying pan, drop spoonfuls of batter into oil

Turn latkes when browned around edges (check to see if brown enough on bottom by carefully lifting the edge before flipping) — flip, fry second side til well browned (NOTE: flipping pancakes more than once toughens them)

Drain on paper towels.

So, this weekend I’ll be helping to make the latkes for Temple Beth Shalom in Chula Vista. Rabbi is quite excited, and put that they’ll be ‘gourmet latkes’. Oy, way to put the pressure on! But, I’ll be making fried potato latkes, baked potato latkes, apple latkes, cheese latkes, and a nice salad. If any of my readers find themselves in Chula Vista, CA on December 17th, stop by the temple between 4-7 PM! It’s free to enter, and a small donation satisfies your latke cravings!

Come eat, celebrate, and bug your favorite(I hope?) food blogger! Spin the dreidel! Light the menorah! Shlep your way back to the car to go buy some Tums from eating too much! Enjoy the nummy kosher & vegan Krispy Kreme Doughnuts! Watch kids bounce off the walls from chocolate gelt infusions! With that in mind, I am going to finish up my final preparations for the festival of lights. Until next time, Shalom and Good Cooking!

December 14, 2006. Gluten-Free, Kashrut Alerts, Personal, recipes, side dishes.

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