Time to Share the Love!

I’ve been a fan of the Free Hugs Movement for a long time. Even in Israel, the movement spreads joy and love… I’ve been thinking on it, and i want to do a Free Hugs event. One day to just spread the love and joy, you know? And maybe even make it something that happens regularly.

In other news, do you want the same Kitchen-Aid Stand Mixer I have? Need that last minute Hanukkah present for the culinary fiend in your life? The link I just gave you is to Amazon.com, who has it on sale for $199.99, when it’s normally almost $350. That’s not all! If you use the promo code HOHOSAVE when buying it, they knock off $25! PLUS, it also has no tax on it, AND free shipping. So, yeah… $174.99 for a $350 stand mixer. So you can give the gift that keeps giving when making bread, cookies, and any other baked goods! You get good food, they get a TOP OF THE LINE mixer, and everyone wins! Don’t say I never tried to help you out!

In closing, I wanna share an amusing passage to show just ho0w sickeningly sweet the wife and I can be:

Wife: I -love- juu!
Me: I love JUU!
Wife: No, I love a Jew!
Me: Jew love a Catholic, too!
Wife: Not for long, I’m converting!
Me: Darnit! We won’t be able to do that joke anymore!

Now that we’ve given you cavities, I hope you all have a Happy Hanukkah! Until next time, Shalom & Good Cooking!

December 14, 2006. advice, Personal.

One Comment

  1. Alexander replied:

    Funny stuff – thank you!

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