Give Us a Rebel Yell!

To start with, Me-Ander just released Kosher Cooking Carnival #13! Doesn’t look unlucky to me… Also, Sunday was tiring yet fun… I did learn several new things. When using frozen, pre-shredded potatoes, you need to thaw them overnight, and STILL strain the water out of them. Also, instant mashed potatoes don’t make good Pampushki. But, everyone liked the food, and everyone is happy! Also, check out The Sinai Mountain Boys & their Jewish Bluegrass music, “Jewgrass”. For a teaser of their music, here’s how they sing when they light the Hanukkah candles! ^^ Very fun, indeed!

In sadder news, publisher Judith Regan is blaming the tribe for her getting fired. No, no, no! You got fired because you wanted to publish OJ Simpson’s book! Stop taking the Mel Gibson defense, people! It doesn’t work! I’m going to listen to more Radio Hanukkah on XM Radio to calm down. This station is VERY good, and I wish they’d keep it after Hanukkah! I’m going to try to call into the live call-in show on the last night to tell them to keep the all-Jewish station! It’s good!

For today’s recipes, I’m going down south again. First off is a dairy casserole that I like to make with extra grits. Yes, my readers, it’s time for a Grit Casserole! We begin by bringing 2 Cups Water to a boil. Once boiling, we want to add 1/2 cup Grits. cook for 3-5 minutes before removing it from heat. Now, add in 1 Cup Garlic-Flavored Feta and 1 Stick Butter, and stir in until the butter is melted. Once melted, beat 2 Eggs in a separate bowl before adding 1 Cup Milk to the eggs. Stir into the grits, then spread the entire mixture into a greased casserole dish. Bake at 350 Degrees F for 30-45 minutes. When it nears finishing, pull it out and top with Shredded Cheddar Cheese before baking for the final 10 minutes or so for a tasty addition to any breakfast or brunch table!

But, let’s not stop there! Let’s say you want to continue the trip Down South, and add in some Fried Okra! Well, that’s easy, too! We’re going to start with 1 pd. Fresh Okra, Sliced into 1/4 in. Rings. We want to next put some corn meal in a container you can seal. Putting the okra into the container, close it up before shake, shake, shaking it up to cover every peace completely! I find pretending the okra is someone I want to shake sense into helps me de-stress! ^^ But, anyhow, when covered, we want to take out our trusty cast-iron skillet! Put about 1/4 in. of Vegetable Oil into the skillet, and let it warm up until a few droplets of water pop. (Don’t have a cast iron skillet? Go to the local camping store, buy one, season it, and use it! Call it a Hanukkah gift to yourself!) Once the oil is hot, use a netted scoop or slottes spoon to set the okra into the oil, turning it occasionally as it cooks for 4-5 minutes or until golden brown all over. Scoop the okra out with the netted or slotted spoon, and allow to drain grease & cool on a drying rack covered with paper towels. Salt lightly to taste before serving and enjoy with a dash of hot sauce!

While we’re on the topic of okra, I wanted to cover something that is a classic Down South. I speak, of course, of Gumbo. This is a dish that takes years to learn, but is worth it. Now, just because you can’t have Shellfish in it, that doesn’t mean you can’t have an awesome gumbo! So, let’s slip away from the dairy to some decidedly MEAT meals with this good ol’ fashioned soup that’ll make your family happy!

We begin by taking a bot of boiling water and a bowl of ice water. Set the ice water by the stove, because we’re about to blanch 2 Cups Okra! Take the okra, and drop it all into the boiling water. We want to cook it for ONLY 1-3 minutes, and no longer! Once 1-3 minutes is up, scoop the okra out and immediately drop it into the ice water. A technique I use to aid in the blanching of okra is to bind it loosely in a pantyhose or cheesecloth bag before setting it in the boiling water. Then, I can use tongs to pull out the bag and drop it into the ice water easier. Letting the okra cool, we next need 4 pds. Dark Chicken Meat, Cut Into Small Bite-Sized Pieces. We want to cover the chicken in Flour in a similar way as the okra was covered for frying. And, once covered we’re going to FRY it in Vegetable Oil in the same way! Our final cooking preparation is 6 Links Hot Chicken Sausage, Sliced into 1 in. Pieces and 1 Cup Onions, Diced. Pan-fry the sausage & onions until cooked, and set aside. NOW, we are ready to cook gumbo!

Using your stock pot, pour 2 Quarts Water -or- Chicken Stock into it. To this, we want to add the following seasonings: Thyme, Salt, Hot Sauce, Black Pepper, 2 Bay Leaves, and Gumbo File. Quite simply, the last ingredient is Powdered Sassafrass Leaves, and a kosher supply can be purchased here. Just add the spices and herbs to your personal tastes, then add in 2 cans Whole Tomatos and bring to a boil. Turning down the heat to medium low, add in the dark meat of the chicken, okra, onions and sausage. Cover and let the soup thicken and cook for about an hour.

Once done, serve in a bowl over a scoop of cooked white (Or a mix of white and brown) rice. This is great with cornbread, and makes a filling meal anyone will love (As long as they can handle spices!). I hope you enjoyed this! Anyhow, until next time, I want to say Shalom and Good Cooking!


December 19, 2006. breakfast, Jewish Links, Kosher Cooking Carnival, main courses, News, recipes, side dishes.


  1. batia replied:

    Wait a minute, what about the roux? And the seasonings? You gotta cut up some celery and a bit of green bell pepper and saute that as well. And add in some parsley at the end.

  2. Steven replied:

    Well, I should rename this a ‘cheater’s gumbo’. I don’t mess with the roux as that would mean using butter. Yeah, you CAN use Shortening, but… It’s not the same. So why stress when this works gust fine? Also, I almost never use celery as it’s empty calories & filler food. Celery: The #1 vegetable choice for anorexics because you burn more calories EATING it than you get from it! And the recipe here is more of a base, in the end. People are free to go from this point, and customize it up to best fit their tastes & cooking style. ^^

  3. Michael Singer replied:

    Thank you for mentioning The Sinai Mountain Boys.

  4. Steven replied:

    Not at all! Thank you for the music!

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