The Year in Review…

With the year almost over, I thought I’d do something different this article. In order to beat the rush of ‘Year in Review’ articles, I felt it might be nice to take my renegade spin on it. So, Ladies & gents, let’s get into the 2006 Year-End Renegade Wrap-up of Jewish Events! Sounds, nifty, yes? Then let’s get to it!

JANUARY brought us many changes in Jewish America. We sadly saw shades of things to come when Hamas won a victory in Palestine Elections. This is also the same month that some forms of whiskey stopped being kosher, much to the chargrin of Jewish Barflies everywhere.

Also, it seemed that Oprah wanted to be nice to the tribe, as she sent her minions to go read ‘Night’ by Elie Wiesel in her Book of the Month Club program.

FEBRUARY started off strong when Lisa Loeb came ourt with a new reality show where she tried to find true love. As a fan of her music, I enjoyed the show, and cringed at some of the worse guys. It is sad that she and Dweezil Zappa didn’t stick together.

This month also saw a Jew tortured and abused in France, which ended up leading to protest marches in France due to the police claiming prematurely that the attack wasn’t influenced by hate. This, of course, also was just one more spark on the tinder box that help begin the large-scale class riots in France that so shocked the world. Finally, Kinky Friedman, the original Jewish Cowboy, threw his hat into the ring to become Governor of the State of Texas.

MARCH had the odd coincidence of Purim and Steak and a BJ Day happening on the same day. This also was the month that the Avian Flu reached Israel finally. We also saw Ehud Olmert elected as Prime Minister of Israel. Finally, Bacos were officially made kosher by the OU. ^^

APRIL started with May being named Jewish American Heritage Month. Also, showing it’s forward thinking, Jews in Canada worked to convince the government to make suicide bombing a recognized crime at the G8 conference in the summer. Due to Passover, there really wasn’t much other Jewish news, other than the fact that everyone outside Israel declared again to celebrate Passover in the homeland next year. Though, if we all did that, where would we sleep? Could Israel handle that!?

MAY gave us a politician shooting himself in the foot when Larry Darby, a candidate for Alabama attorney general in the Democratic primary stated that the United States military should “wipe Israel off the map… then come home and export a little payback to Mexico.” Yeah, he kinda killed any chances he had of being elected with gems like that.

JUNE began with the announcement by the OU to start a new training program for those wanting to run Kosher restaurants. It also saw many kashrut agencies cracking down on olive oil due to some companies trying to cut costs by using cheaper oils. All in all, an eventful month for food! This was also a sad time due to an Israeli soldier being kidnapped by a Palestinian raid into Israel. This, of course, started a conflict that led into…

JULY and the start of missile attacks by Lebanon into Israel. This was sad because most the world seemed to blame Israel for being attacked. It suddenly made me see why rape victims don’t want to report being raped. If this is how the world sees such things, as the victim is ‘asking for it’ or is guilty of ‘fighting back’, it saddens me greatly.

July also saw Mel Gibson deliver an Anti-Semitic tirade when caught drunk driving. Thus prompting many ‘Mad Mel’ jokes to swarm over the Jewish Blogsphere, and him to claim that it was ‘just the alcohol talking’. Let’s look at this realistically by comparing Mel to Arnold the ‘Governator’. Both have fathers who claimed the Holocaust never happened, and who supported white power movements. Arnold hated his father, distanced himself from the man, and did all in his power to prove he was NOTHING like the man who helped give him life. He donates time & money to Jewish charities, helps raise awareness for all forms of bigotry and hatred in the world, and is a good Person all around. Mel, on the other hand, is on record talking of how he loves & supports his father, how much he looks up to and respects the man, and how much of an influence he was on Mel’s life. Seems the apple didn’t fall far from the tree, at least to me…

AUGUST saw stronger retaliations to the abduction of Israel’s soldiers, and the attacks on the country from two sides. A cease-fire was called by the UN, and was proptly broken within a week by Hezbollah. Show of hands from any who were surprised? Anyone? Anyone at all?

SEPTEMBER saw the Bnei Menashe community in India allowed to immigrate to Israel as members of the lost tribe. Very nifty! It also saw an articl-e by Editorialist Larry Miller portrayed as written by Comedian Dennis Miller. An honest mistake, to be sure. What’s funny is the original editorial written in 2002 is still true today. Go figure.

OCTOBER gave us a Halloween fright when the OU approved Kosher Pareve Blue Cheese & Ranch Dressings as made by Walden Farms. Think about that for a moment, will you? To be Pareve, it can’t have dairy. So that’s dairy-free blue cheese and ranch dressing that doesn’t have ‘soy’ in the title. What the heck!? How the heck!? Yeah, this one caused some confusion, even though I can understand why they did it. Make the dressing Kosher Pareve, and those getting back to their faith can still have the dressing with hot wings while watching the Super Bowl. It’s Win-Win.

NOVEMBER saw some wierdo hosting the 1 year anniversary of the Kosher Cooking Carnival, a monthly blog carnival to showcase the best of the best each month in Kosher blogging. It also saw some misguided protesters attacking Mayor Uri Lupolianski due to opposition to a Gay Pride parade in Israel. never mind that the mayor was actually quite vocal AGAINST the parade, it must be HIS fault! Oy, vey… Violence solves nothing, people.

DECEMBER came with a nice Harry Potter Gift in which we find he’s a member of the tribe. While non practicing, he still is one of the tribe, none the less! It also saw the beginning fallout from the Conservative Movement’s vote to allow gay marriages & gay rabbis. Now, to help smooth the waves, I want to share a funny story about a Rabbi being gay. It made me smile, at least. It also saw XM Radio try the experiment of a Jewish Radio station all thru Hanukkah, with much acclaim and happiness from the Jewish community. The free service during it was a nice bonus. ^^

So, that’s a recap of 2006 from a renegade perspective. I’m sure I didn’t include EVERYTHING, but what I missed can be found on other blogs and sites. Thanks for joining me on this trip down memory lane, and see you next time on RKC! Until then, Shalom and good Cooking!


December 26, 2006. Jewish Links, Kosher Links, News, Year in Review.

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    Thanks for the recap and keep up the good work.


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