Beets are Nature’s Candy!

Well, sad to say we have a double-whammy Kashrut alert today, and both for the same reason! Nature’s Finest Apricot, Plum and Peach Compote is being withdrawn due to infestation concerns, first off. Also, Bodek 10 oz boxes Broccoli Spears bearing the code #3193-ZK9 under OU, CRC, and Rav Shlomo Gissinger’s certification is being reviewed for possible levels of insect infestation. Anyone in possession of this product code number is asked to contact the OU. (NOTE: This product was packed in 2002 and has not been distributed to stores within two years.)

In happier news, Capcanes Wineries in Spain announced the release of their Kosher wines in Israel! Ooooh, lucky Israel! There’s also some discussion about a ‘Kosher’ Bed & Breakfast in Rhode Island. In fact, the ONLY one! Already I have seen some bloggers pondering if it can REALLY be Kosher, since the owner’s Catholic. I guess it’s perfectly fine for Asian Americans to cook you Kosher Chinese or Thai, but a Catholic can’t do similar… Ugh. I’m sure, in order to call her B&B Kosher, she has to have rabbi come in to light her stoves once a month or so… So relax and chill, all right?

Since beets are in season right now, beets have been my passion for cooking right now. I always get asked what to do to make beets ‘taste good’, and usually gasp in shock at this! Beets are good! Enjoy your beets! And I’ll help you with a fun recipe I love to make: Beet Pickles!

Taking 7 Medium Uncooked Beets, trip the tops off before washing off any dirt & the like. (Make sure there are no bug marks or bites! Come on, you know this…). Place the beets in a sauce pan and fill the pan with cold water until it JUST covers the beets. Bring it to a boil, and cook until the beets are tender before draining. Now, when you drain the cooking liquid, save aside 1 1/4 cups of the liquid. When the beets are cooled, snip off the tops & bottoms of the root before popping the beet out of it’s skin. Now slice it up and set the beets aside for now.

Taking your remaining ‘cooking liquid’ and pour it back into the saucepan with 1 1/2 cups Red Wine Vinegar and bring it to a boil. Once boiling, stir in the following: 1 1/4 Tablespoons Dry Mustard; 1/2 Teaspoon Salt; and 1 Cup Granulated Sugar. Stir constantly as you return the liquid to burning, then remove from heat. Setting aside clean sterilized jars, place your beet slices into the jars with 2 Medium Onions, Chopped Roughly and 2 1/2 Teaspoons Dill Seeds split among the jars. Now, pour the hot liquid over the beet slices. Before we continue, you have a choice here! The first is to seal the jars as you normally would for canning, and let them rest on a shelf until you need them. The SECOND option is something I do with one jar to be nice to myself. I cover THAT jar’s opening with wax paper before screwing the ring on as I would when normally canning a jar. Then I set THIS jar in the fridge for 2-3 days before getting a ‘sneak peek’ of my beet pickles to munch on. The other jars need to sit on a shelf in a cool, dark place for about a week or two minimum to turn out right (I know, quick pickling)!

Anyhow, I hope you enjoy this Beet snack! These pickles go great on sandwiches, chopped up into salads, and you can even toss a few pickles in with some horseradish bits to make a VERY unique-tasting Charoset! Anyhow, I hope everyone’s having a good day today! Until next time, Shalom and Good Cooking!


January 10, 2007. Kashrut Alerts, News, recipes, side dishes, wine.

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  1. susan rifkin replied:

    Desperately searching for kosher hominy! You say that Goya canned is certified, but I can’t find a “mark” on can. Am I missing something??

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