Sad News and a Kid-Safe Party Drink

I start this articl in memory of Nakinja (Kiki) Culbreath. She worked at a Jamba Juice (#795 in Merrillville, Indiana), and passed away in December 22nd. In March she was diagnosed with breast cancer, and and after months of Chemotherapy & radiation, was finally announced to be ‘Cancer Free’. Dispite this, on the evening of December 21st she was rushed to the ER due to a swelling of her brain that led to hr death. Her two children, Jade and Marvin, are now completly parentless due to her husband passing away, as well, in 2002. Due to this, Jamba Juice set up a memorial account to help with final expenses, as well as for the benefit of her two children. Donations can be made to the following:

Nakinja Culbreath Memorial Fund
First Midwest bank
16700 South 80th Avenue
Tinley Park, Il 60477
ATTN: Jackie Krizmanich
(708) 444-3403

In addition to this, many Jamba Juice locations across America are donating ALL their tips to go towards this fund. I honestly don’t know what this poor lady’s faith was. I also don’t care. Something bad happened, and it’s the best I can do to pass the word so mabye others can help, if they can. Wheather it be a tip when getting a smoothie, or just a few dollars donation from those who can afford it, that’s enough in my opinion…

In honor of her memory, I’m going to offer up my version of a Kosher Jamba Juice drink, Spring Fresh Punch. It’s no smoothie, but it’s good none the less. We begin by stirring 3 Boxes Kosher Lemon Gelatin into 9 Cups Boiling Water until dissolved. Once dissolved, remove it from the heat and let the liquid cool. Once cool, mix in 4 Cups Sugar and 4 MORE Cups Boiling Water, stirring until the sugar is fully mixed in before allowing to cool again. Finally, we mix in 6 oz. Lemon Juice and 2 (46 oz.) Cans of Pineapple Juice before freezing the whole mixture in 1/2 Gallon containers. Now comes the final part! An hour before serving, Mix one of the 1/2 gallon containers with 2 2 Lither Bottles of Ginger Ale in a large punch bowl. The mix should be slushy when served, and goes over quite well at most any party as a good non-alcoholic punch drink.

In closing, I ask my readers that -IF- they can help with the Memorial Fund in any way, to please do so. Here’s hoping the next article brings better news and recipes. Until then, Shalom and Good Cooking.

January 21, 2007. drinks, News, recipes.

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