Kosher News and Deli Food

So, Jewlicious 3.0 is coming up soon! Join the party in March! Also, Waltz Pure Butter Shortbread Rounds is bearing an unauthorized OU symbol and is being withdrawn from the marketplace. Consumers spotting this product are requested to contact the Orthodox Union. Also, 365 Organic 5 Grain Cereal with Soy was accidentally maked Kosher Pareve, and it’s Kosher Dairy. Just an FYI, folks. In other news, in doing some searching, I found that my blog’s being mirrored on SUNY’s Servers. Odd… Could whomever is doing that tell me why they are doing that?

In food news, the 1st ever Simply Manischewitz Kosher Cook-Off in NYC brought on all comers, but Candace McMenamin won it all. As long as we’re in NYC Kosher news, the Kosher Food & Wine Festival will be happening at the Museum of Jewish Heritage on Feb. 26th @ 6:30 PM. It costs $75 per person or $100 per couple. Enjoy!

All this talk of New York in the news reminds me of delis. Ah, a New York style deli is a treat to enjoy, yes indeed! But, my favorite of ALL the delicious deli plates has to be Corned beef Hash and Eggs. Surprisingly, this VERY simple dish seems to be very difficult for others to cook! Go figure! So, let’s go over the easy, simple, and ALMOST impossible to screw up way to cook this, shall we?

We begin with 1 15 oz. Can of Corned Beef Hash. I also request people to read this article for a Kosher Corned Beef recipe! But, for those who don’t care about Kashrut, use what you can find. Anyhow, we need to pour the can into a medium-sized cast-iron skillet before breaking it up with your spatula. Now, we want to let it sit for a good 4-5 minutes over Medium heat, or until the bottom starts to get crispy. I know you WANT to stir it! Everything in your body says to stir it! But DON’T! We need to get it nice and crispy, but not burnt. Just as it starts to get crispy, Flip the hash over to the uncooked side, then push it all to one half of the skillet.

While the other side browns, take out 2-3 Eggs, and crack them into the pan. If you check for blood spots, crack them into a bowl, check for blood spots, and THEN pour them into the open part of the skillet. Cook the eggs to your liking, though I tend to prefer Over-easy, myself. But, as the eggs finish cooking, so should the hash. You can then plate both the hash and the eggs up for yourself and your family. Though I will admit a big guy like me can eat a can all by himself! I hope you enjoyed this simple recipe, and I promise I’ll have a better recipe next time. After all, sometimes its the simple things in life that make life worth living. Until next time, Shalom and Good Cooking!


February 8, 2007. breakfast, Jewish Links, Kashrut Alerts, recipes.


  1. Maria Gatti replied:

    Hello, kosher renegade!

    Will Jews, or Muslims, be able to celebrate the Lunar (Chinese, Vietnamese etc.) New Year this year, as it is the Year of the Pig?

    I made Ma Po tofu recently, a spicy dish I like when it is very cold. The usual recipe includes a small amount of ground pork, but I substitute ground lamb.

    Most of my Jewish and Muslim friends are very leniently kosher or halal, but I sure wouldn’t serve them pork! (I don’t like to eat it myself for various reasons).

    Thanks for your very useful blog!

  2. jabbett replied:

    A Kosher Blog reader e-mailed asking about that hash — what kosher symbol appears on the can? White Rose has informed me that their product isn’t kosher, so I’m trying to figure out why people have been misled. Thanks for your help!

  3. Steven replied:

    Ack, I thought it was as Amazon lists it as one! This has me REALLY curious, too!

  4. An important Retraction & Correction… « Renegade Kosher Cooking replied:

    […] start with an apology to my readers. I was misinformed, and thus misinformed you, my readers. In a recent article, I had stated that White Rose Corned Beef was Kosher. Jabbett from contacted me […]

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