An important Retraction & Correction…

So, let’s start with an apology to my readers. I was misinformed, and thus misinformed you, my readers. In a recent article, I had stated that White Rose Corned Beef was Kosher. Jabbett from contacted me about it after they contacted the company, and it turns out the hash is NOT Kosher.

I was misinformed as Amazon lists it as a Kosher product. I hope this explains my misunderstanding, and I wish to apologize to ALL my readers for accidentally misinforming them. Please note this problem WILL be rectified as quickly as possible. And once again, my apologies.

So, we need a KOSHER corned beef hash! Yes, yes we do! Well, let’s make some the only way we can trust, from SCRATCH! If you remember my Corned Beef Recipe, make up a batch. We need 3 Cups Leftover Corned Beef, 1 Bag Frozen Potatoes O’Brien, Thawed, A pinch Kosher Salt, and 1 cup Beef Broth mixed together in a cast iron skillet. Now, cover the pan in foil, and bake in a 375°F oven for 45 minutes. Pull out, and uncover the foil. Moving the skillet to a burner, stir slightly before frying to your liking. This will be nice, crispy, and JUST like how delis make it!

So, I hope this retraction is received well, and I do apologize once again! Until next time, Shalom and Good Cooking!

March 8, 2007. breakfast, News, recipes.


  1. Kosher News and Deli Food « Renegade Kosher Cooking replied:

    […] by An important Retraction & Correction… « Renegade Kosher Cooking — March 8, 2007 @ 9:17 […]

  2. Gluten-Free By The Bay replied:

    OMG YOU MADE A MISTAKE HOW DARE YOU! ;-P Just kidding. Your recipe sounds pretty darn tasty.

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