Shopping for Passover!

So, it’s almost Passover Time! So, to start off with, it seems something that’s recreational for some & medical for others is NOT Kosher for Passover. No, I’m not talking about Viagra… Pot is NOT Kosher for Passover! *shock!* Okay… Who knew? Now, for them to state it’s NOT Kosher for Passover, does that mean it IS Kosher for the rest of the year? Nifty toponder such things…

So, tonight the wife & I were out & about with Kosher Shopping 2007! Last year we went to Aaron’s Glatt Market (4488 Convoy St. San Diego, CA), and regretted that choice. We bought EIGHT ITEMS there, and paid $100. What the heck!? So, this year, since they wern’t doing their Passover Warehouse, we instead took a trip to The Place. A really nice Kosher market, we got things there that we couldn’t get anywhere else. Things like K4P coffee, Gefilte fish loafs, buffalo meat, and the like. It’s a store I -highly- recommend, but the only down side is they really don’t put prices on things.

We then went from there to look into Von’s. They… Were a dissapointment. No K4P, and not even any Kosher wines! What a waste of time. We were in and out in 5 minutes, tops. From there we went to Ralph’s by SDSU. Now, this amazed me. Kosher meat, a LARGE Kosher section, and like 4 displays all filled with K4P food. And they carry Kosher turkeys! We filled a cart & only dropped $70 here, and were VERY happy!

From there, we hit Albertson’s, another good find. Here we picked up some pasta sauce & were surprised to see they even had brisket! Who knew? Then came the annoyance again. We went to Henry’s, and found out something shocking. While the Henry’s near us is owned by a member of the temple, they don’t carry K4P products, according to their grocery manager. But, strangely enough, the corprate-owned store in Poway does. Now, don’t get me wrong, they had Kosher products there, just no K4P. So, we just got veggies for salads there, & headed home.

All together, food for during Passover only cost us $150 this year. MUCH better than previous years! But then, it’s just for the two of us, so… Yeah! Anyhow, that was my shopping recap of finding Kosher for Passover food in San Diego County for 2007! Until next time, Shalom and Good Cooking!


March 28, 2007. Kashrut Alerts, News.


  1. Gluten-Free By The Bay replied:

    Chag sameach to you! I am amazed by how sparse the Pesach pickings are at grocery stores here in CA. It’s a shame.

  2. Steven replied:

    Well, it’s because the tribe isn’t as popular here as other faiths. I see much more Islamic food, to be honest. That & Hispanic food & Asian Food. It’s a change from Kansas where the asian food section is Chow Mein… In a Can…

  3. Auntie K replied:

    Regarding Von’s, I have noticed a hugh difference in the stocking of Pesach foods by location in San Diego. I bought some marvelous potato chips at the one in San Carlos but a Pesach display was completely lacking in Santee just a few miles away. I do know that if I went to the Von’s in Rancho Bernardo, there would be an even larger variety of items than in San Carlos. Keep up those good blogs!

  4. muse replied:

    I’m spoiled here in Israel. It’s now even easy to get kp food without kitniyot.

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