Returning to the Islands…

Once again, its time to modify our beloved brisket into ANOTHER creation. Having married into a Hula studio, one of the dishes that has always intrigued me is Kalua Pork. BUT, as we know, pork is TRAYFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, let us dust off the Trayfe-to-Kosher Challenge, and make up some Kosher Kalua Beef!

We begin with about 2/3 pd. per person, but I like going for a pound a person as this is a REALLY good recipe. We need a really fatty cut of brisket for this, to help keep the meat juicy during cooking. Take a generous amount of Kosher Sea Salt (Use Coarse Grain Kosher Salt if Sea Salt is unavailable), and rub it into the brisket like a dry rub. Let ir rest for about 10 minutes, then set it in a roasting pan fatty side up. Next, mix together 2 Cups Water and A Dash of Liquid Smoke, then pour into the roasting pan around the brisket. Cover the pan in foil, and roast at 400 degrees F (200 degrees C) for 4 hours. When near the last hour, shred 2 Heads of Cabbage, CAREFULLY uncover the brisket, and line around the meat with the cabbage. Then recover and finish cooking!

When its finished, take the meat out and drain the liquid out of the roasting pan as best as you can. If a little remains, it won’t really hurt anything. Let it rest for about 15-20 minutes, then use two forks to shred the beef as fine as possible. Then toss with the cabbage and serve over rice with soy sauce. This delicious dish will bring a bit of Aloha to ANY table! If you want, you can also try some fresh pineapple rings serveds with it. Just remember, if you use FRESH pineapple, sprinkle a little salt onto it before eating it. Fresh pineapple is VERY acidic. The salt cuts that, and makes it taste even sweeter. Trust me, acidic burns on your mouth is NOT fun! Use the salt!

So, as you can see, salt is once again our friend. And while this may be a dinner to avoid for anyone on a low sodium diet, for the rest of us it’s a wonderful dinner anyone can enjoy! In fact, you could even make my Avocado & Pomagranate Salad with it. I’d suggest my Hawaiian Sweet Challah, but that has dairy in it. And as we all know, Meat & Dairy is a no-no! Anyhow, until next time, Shalom and Good Cooking!


October 15, 2007. main courses, recipes, Trayfe-to-Kosher Challenge.


  1. Gilly replied:

    Thanks, can’t wait to try it! I love Hawaiian food, and this has been something I’ve been wanting to try for ages.

  2. Steven replied:

    Thanks! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! Its very easy to do, and is one of those dishes you can just toss into the oven & forget about while doing other things.

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