Some Videos for the Season…

It’s nearly that time of year, so I wanted to share some amusing videos of the holiday season. Its nearly time for Chinese Food, Movies, and the time to take the streets. On a side note, I’ve been discussing my frustration over the fact that a LOT of non-Jews have co-opted this tradition. Rather than being with family all day, they rush the presents and the ‘material’ part of Christmas, only to rush right out and join in on our fun. I’ve lost count of how crowded the movie theaters and restaurants have gotten as of late!

So, as a plea from all of us here in this little part of the net, stay HOME this Christmas. Enjoy your family, and cook that big dinner with the ones you love. We go out on this night because we DON’T have the gifts, the family together, and the like. For us, it’s a day almost all of us are forced to be off from work. And we can’t even turn on the TV as it’s pretty much non-stop Christmas movies, songs, and burning logs. THAT is why we go out! Let the non-Christians have their ONE day, okay? 🙂

So, as the Wiccans, Muslims, Hindus, Pastafarians, Jews, and every other faith get ready to take the streets, let’s watch some amusing videos! This first video is an amusing song from Saturday night live, and is a favorite o mine. Sit back, relax, and enjoy Christmastime For the Jews!

Now, next up I wanna share a video that my Rabbi is obsessed with. He has suggested that all the congregation check it out, so let me share it here! Ladies and gentlemen, enjoy I Eat Chinese Food on Christmas by Brandon Harris Walker!

This next one is NOT SAFE FOR KIDS, but it is oh, so funny. This, my dear readers, is more an example of what poor Jewish bachelor college students will be doing all day on Christmas. Ah, yes… This video brings back a lot of memories! Sit back, relax, and enjoy A Jewish Christmas!

But, with all these videos, how could we forget little Kyle from South Park!? Shame on me! Ladies and gentlemen, we can’t forget him! So, live from South Park, Colorado, USA…. Kyle Brovlowski singing I’m A Lonely Jew on Christmas! Enjoy!

As long as we’re going over Jewish & Christian together, let me share a favorite film of mine. Let’s watch what happens when Santa enters a Jewish home by accident on Christmas Eve in Santa Claus and The Jew!

Wow, who knew Santa could be such a jerk! Bad Santa, no latkes for you next year! Ah, well! Let’s hope that bit of satire wasn’t TOO dark! Let’s see… I hope that these videos help get everyone through the start of this week! Until next time, Shalom and Good Cooking!

December 23, 2007. Jewish Links, video.

One Comment

  1. Chuck replied:

    But Christmas is supposed to be fun. Please don’t ask me to spend all day locked inside with my family.

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