Thoughts on the World

I am deeply saddened by all the deaths that have happened from the terrorist attacks on India, not just the Jewish deaths. In a world filled with hate and violence, I look to a world with peace and love, myself. It is sad that some are still using violence to try to force people into their way of thinking, really.

In reality, I look towards such people as Queen Rania of Jordan and Barack Obama as new leaders in this brave new world… Leaders who are trying to use the new technologies to help preach peace and understanding across the globe.

You know, someone once asked me who I thought the Messiah was, or when they might come. I thought about it, then explained that I personally don’t see the Messiah as a person. I see it as a time when all the people of the world grow sick of the hate, the violence, the pain, and the death… When we all stand up as once voice and scream, “ENOUGH!” and just stop it. With Leaders like Queen Rania and Obama in the world, I pray to G-d that someday, my dream for the planet may become a reality.

It may not be exactally how it is written in Torah, but it is a thing that I’d like to see most of all. And, all it would take is for people to just finally stand up and change for themselves. Stop hating other people for being different, stop creating violence and greed, help ease the pain of those poorer around you, loving your family and friends and treating them with respect… It wouldn’t be an overnight change, but eventually the hate and ignorance could be swept out of humanity.

But anyhow, enough rambling. Food pictures coming after shabbat!


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Another Personal Update (I’m Doing a LOT of These Recently!)

So, Thanksgiving is next week, and I already have a dinner menu planned:

Dinner Menu

Roast Turkey
Garlic Mashed Red Potatoes
Turkey Gravy
Spinach and Cranberry Salad
Cranberry Sauce
Hawaiian Sweet Bread Dinner Rolls
Baked Sweet Potato Slices
Zesty White Wine Grean Beans
Pumpkin Pie (parve)

I think it’s going to be a good meal, myself! So, I have a lot of things I’m looking into, once graduating from school. One thing I’m looking into is finding a economy van of some sort. Since I’ll likely be doing some catering on the side no matter WHAT I do (If i don’t just say, ‘Fuck it!’ & just cater full time…), I will need the van for delivery. Of course, on top of that, I will also have to be working in a KOSHER Grade A kitchen & have Catering Insurance. Oy, vey… So much work! But, in the end, maybe my idea will come to a fruition…

You see, something that frustrates me to no end is that a lot of the premade and/or catered kosher food I’ve eaten just tastes… Horrible! It’s like most Kosher business people seem to think, ‘Eh… It’s Kosher. They’ll buy it!’. This is a major problem I’ve always had, and one of the reasons i started RK in the first place.

My ULTIMATE goal would be to get together with a culinary chef, if possible, and the two of us work together to turn Kosher food in SoCal on its ear. Think about it… Fine gourmet dishes, melt in your mouth pastries and breads, and wedding cakes that taste as good as they look… All from a pair of renegades doing what they love. I personally think it’d go over very well.

On Monday night, I was at the monthly meeting for Chefs De Cuisine, one of the two American Culinary Federation groups in San Diego (And yes, I am trying to become a member of both the ACF & Chefs De Cuisine pretty damn quick!), and had a really good talk with one of the chefs there. It was amazing to hear from other culinary people that they, also, see the lack of taste in many of the catered or pre-packaged Kosher dishes out there. And true, one of them CAN be hired to do a kosher meal, but then they have to pay a Rabbi to come kosher the kitchen. So if a Kosher catering company started up that focused on JUST kosher catering WITH attention to taste and style… Yeah, it might do quite well.

Of course, I still would eventually love to also do a full bakery/coffee house that happens to be Kosher, as well. IMO, the best place for something like that would be in North County San Diego, likely in UTC, La Jolla, or the like. If i could afford the rent, i think it’d go over VERY well. In UTC, I’d get the college traffic, as well, so it would be a bonus. But, that’s a while away, to be honest… Right now, I’m focusing more on actually getting better at my future career and craft, and focusing on the future. Until next time, Shalom and Good Cooking!

November 20, 2008. Personal. 2 comments.

Jmix and the Jewish Chamber of Commerce

Visit JMIX – Jewish Social Network – events mixers networking

This site has become my latest addiction. It’s a big networking site that helps San Diego’s Jews stay in touch! I’m sure eventually it’ll be for ALL Jews, but for now it’s nice to be meeting all these othr San Diego Jews.

Speaking of that, last night I met a LOT of good people at the Jewish Chamber of Commerce meeting. It was nice to hang wih the tribe, have good sushi, and make connections. Also, Chef Sahrab made me make up loaves of challah to take with me, so I did. And buy, did they go fast! Lots of people snatched up the challah, and with each one I gave a card. Kind of my little business/calling card, so to speak. It was all in all, a very fun night! I’ll post more later, I just wanted to pimp Jmix & let you all know how the meeting went! More recipes soon, so Shalom and Good Cooking!

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A Long Overdue Update and Good News!

So, I have been busy, busy, busy! Notice no posts for a LONG time? Well, that’s because I’vebeen in culinary school to become a pastry chef! I wanted to pop on and let you all know how I’ve been doing. Yesterday, I was in my FIRST chef competition. It was just a competition to guess mystery ingredients by smell, touch, and taste… But I won! Here’s a picture of me being presented as the winner.


So, I’m going to start sharing pictures of work I do in culinary school, and letting everyone enjoy them. I’ll also be competing in Feb. in my NEXT competition, where I’ll likely be doing cake decorating. I’ll definently be posting pictures of that cake!

In the business side of things, I’m starting to contact kosher bakeries and markets up and down the west coast to research possible jobs for when I graduate. My goal, as those who read my blog know, is to update kosher cuisine. I enjoy baking, and I want to make that my focus. YEARS down the road, I may decide to even become a master chef of kosher baking, who knows?

But, in the end, I want to do what makes ME happy. And that will be bringing fancy breads, pastries, cakes, and desserts to my community – Just 100% Kosher! Anyhow, I thank you all for reading, and I’ll keep you updated on my progress!

November 3, 2008. Personal. 7 comments.